Schenectady Torch Club Programs from Inception in 1931 to 1996-1997

* indicates a guest speaker.  (43), e.g., indicates attendance.                 For recent years, see home page.

1931  First Thursdays from Feb 5 on
January 21      Dr. George Cutten*, President of Colgate   "Is Man Doomed to Extinction?"                          (at the Van Curler)
February 5      Mr. Richmond D. Moot                            "The Need for Reforestation of Hardwood Trees" (at Mohawk Golf Club)
March 5          Dr. W. Leon Godshall                              
"A Revised Estimate of the Responsibilities for the World War" 
April   2          Rabbi Jerome Rosen                                
"Is There a God?"
May   7           Dr. Ellis Kellert                                        
"Recent Advances in Medical Bacteriology"
June   4           Dr. Willis R. Whitney                               
"Technology and Material Progress"                    (Ladies' Night)
October 1        Dr. E. MacDonald Stanton                        "Longevity"
November 5    Dr. Frank Parker Day                               
"College Athletics"
December 3    Dr. Ernest M. Ligon                                  

[At the business session, the membership voted to limit membership to 50]

1932   First Thursdays

January 5
February 2
March 1
April 5
May 3
June 7
October 6         W. L. Godshall                                   "The Shanghai Incident"
November 3      S. Wilcox                                           "Present Problems of Distribution"
December 1      J. L. March                                        "Practical versus Cultural Education"


January 5           W.H. Main                                       "The Place of the Newspaper in Democracy"
February 2         Ernest A. R. Cohen                           "Freedom"                                                                   (at YMCA)   (30)
March 2             D. E. Selko                                       "Technocracy"
April 6                L. L. Park                                       "Stabilizing Industrial Development"
May 4                Lou Navias                                      "Ceramics"
June 1                B. R. Buckingham                            "Enlarging Our Definitions"
October 5           E. M. Ligon                                      "Football"
November 2        P. I. Wold                                        "Cosmic Rays"
December 7        C. A. Smith                                      "A Recreation Program for Schenectady"

January 4            W.  B.  Blowney                               "The Steam Turbine"
February 1          E.  E. Dale                                        "Evolutionary Theory Since Darwin"
March 1              E. G. Dewey                                    "The Challenge of the New Leisure"
April 5                V. Rojanksy                                     "Implications of Recent Advances in Physics"
May 3                 H. C. Ackley                                    "Religion and Ethics"
June 5                 W. D. Thayer                                   "The Problem of Crime"

1934-35 [ Program year changed to October to June ]

October 4            E. MacD. Stanton                            "The City Manager Form of Government"
November 1        O. M. W. Sprague*                           "The Present Situation"
December 6         E. O. Hoffman                                 "Education in the Senior High School"
January 3            A. J. Bedell                                      "Photographs of the Living Eye"
February 7          R. T. Bliss                                        "The Source of Faith"
March 7              E. W. Briggs                                     "Development of the Teeth"
April 4                E. C. Miller                                       "A Municiplally-Owned Power Plant"
May 2                B. McLeary                                       "Private Profit and Social Responsibility"
June 6                O. U. Chapman                                 "Word Pictures of the Orient"

October 3           E. E. Charlton                                  "X-Rays and Their Application"
November 7       A. W. Hull                                        "Power Transmission"
December 12      F. M. Snyder                                    "Where the United States Stands in World Politics"
January 9           Earl E. Cummins                               "Labor Relations Under the New Deal"
February 6         W. H. Pillsbury                                  "Tax Limitation"
March 5             C. J. Potter                                        "Morning and Noon in Ideals"
April 2               B. Johnson                                         "Newspapers and their Reporters"
May 7               D. R. Fox                                            "What are the Social Sciences?"
June 4               E. S. C. Smith                                     "Glacial Geology in This Section"

1936-37  Second Thursday for six meetings, third Thursday for three    

October 15          P.J. French                                          "Some Permanent Aspects of Temporary Government"
November 12      E. Kellert                                             "Determining Non-Paternity by Means of Blood Tests"
December 10       F. B. Cliffe*                                         "Social Security"

January 12          K. G. Kelley                                         "How Music is Made"
February 16        D. Marvin                                            "The Press and Public Opinion"
March 18            E. MacD. Stanton                                "Experiences in Big Game Photography"
April 15              H. J. Linton                                         "The American High School"
May 27               Henry A. Vruwink*                             "Trends in Europe"
June 10               Samuel L. Leonard                              "The Endocrine Glands"

1937-38   Generally, a reversion to first Thurday

October 20          Ernest M. Ligon                                   "Some Lessons Learned in My Year in Europe"
November 1        Bishop G. A. Oldham                          "Oxford and Edinborough Conferences of Churches"
December 2        C. G. Bowers                                       "Where New Garden Plants Come From"
January 6            John Bellamy Taylor                           "Flying Over Schenectady in a Zeppelin"
February 3          John E. Burke                                      "Reasons for Personality Disorders and Asocial Behavior"
March 10            Harry J. Linton                                    "An Important Issue in Secondary Education" [Torch mag. October 1938 ]
April 7                Morris Mandell Cohn                          "The Sanitation of Cities"
May 5                C. A. Harrell                                        "Personnel and Personal Relation Problems of a City Manager"
June 7                Burges Johnson                                    "A Remembered Island - A Journalist in NYC at the turn of the century"


October 6
           R. K. Hamlen*                                      "Proportional Reprsentation"
November 3       Gardnier Kline                                       "Traversing Equatorial Africa"
December  1
January 5           Bradley H. Kirschberg*                          "Modern Aids in Criminal Investigation"
February 2         Dr. E. K. Cravener                                "Socialized Medicine - Pro and Con"
March 2             L. A. Hawkins*                                     "Research at the GE Research Center"
April 6
May 11             Vladimir Rojansky                                  "Transmutation of the Elements"
June 7               K. G. Kelley                                          "The Vocabulary of Contemporary Music"

1939-40  Back to second Thursdays

October 12        F. L. Bronner                                        "Neutrality Again"
November 9      Rev. Leon M. Adkins                             "Religion's Fourth Dimension"  [Torch magazine, July 1940 ]
December 14    Dr. William J. Jameson                           "Social Customs and Habits of the Tamils of Ceylon"
January 11        MacDonald King                                   "Wills"
February 8        W. Howard Pillsbury                             "The Regents Inquiry into New York State Schools"
March 14          Harry E. Pratt                                       "Rambling Remarks of a Pedagogue"
April 11            Dr. J.M.W. Scott                                   "Remarks on Insanity"
May 9              P.H. Crafton* & J.G.T. Gilmour*           "Televison Today and Tomorrow"
June 13            C. W. Gartlein*                                      "Facts and Fallacies Regarding the Aurora"      (Van Curler)


October 10       Harold L. Hamill                                    "State Education Department's Survey of the Schenectady Public Library"
November 14    Dr. Hurber H. Race                                "From Fair to Fair via Panama"
December 12    Count Carlo Sforza*                               "Great Personalities of England"
January 9         David C. Lithgow*                                 "Art and the Subconscious"
February 13      Herbert Merrill                                      "Social Medicine and the War Crisis"
March 13         G. S. Lindgren*                                     "Some Notes on Weather Concepts and Their Application"
April 10            Venancio F. Lim*                                   "Industrialization and Power Development in the Philippines"
May 8              Henry T. Moore*, Pres. Skidmore           "Academic Freedom"
June 12            A. W. Bray                                            "The Influence of Language on Social Progress"


October 9              ?
November 13    P. Wold                                                "My Experience in the Hawaiian Islands" (One month before Pearl Harbor!)
December 11    Philip Stanley                                        "Semantics"
January 8         T. R. Rhea                                            "The Local Civilian Defense Council"
February 12      Panel Discussion                                   "Of Course We Can Win the War, but How Can We Win the Peace?"
March 12          S. A. Holme                                         "Planning for Peace While Producing for Victory"
April 16            B. L. Vosburgh                                     "Medical Appraisal of New GE Employees"
May 14                   ?
June 11                   ?


October 15       Panel discussion                                    "The Contribution of Organized Education to the War Effort"
November 12    Joseph Rotundo                                    "Internat Strife in Labor"
December 10    George H. Danton                                 "But the Bullfight Always Begins on Time - a Trip to Mexico"
January 14        Drs. Sullivan, Smith, & Kellert               "Civilian and Military Medical Practice in Wartime"
February 11      Walter C. Langsam                                "Reflections of North Africa"
March 11          Stanley G. Holden                                 "What the Schools See of the Youth Problem"
April 8              Dr. N. A. Pashayan                                "The Near East"
May 13             James Stokley                                       "Receding Horizons"
June 10                ?

1943-44                 [ Not surprisingly for this wartime, there seems to be a theme. ]

October 14        Dr. A. A. Samorini                               "From Ancient Rome to the the Italy of Yesterday"
November 11    Roman Schmolokowski                         "Poland before the War"
December 9     
Mark Mohler                                        "Our Red Ally . . . An Amateur View"  [Torch magazine, Jan. 1944]
January 13        George H. Danton                                "One Approach to China"
February 10          ?
March 9           Harold W. Bibber                                 "The Background of Japanese Thought" [Torch magazine, April 1944 ]
April 13            Danyal N. Keroen*                              "The Development of Turkey Since the Fall of the Ottoman Empire"
                                                                                                                                             [Torch magazine, October 1945]
May 11            Mrs. George Danton*                            "Those Who Should, and Those Who Should Not (Lead our Country)"
June 8              Burges Johnson                                    "On the Writing of Essays"


October 12       George F. Mahar                                  "Post-War Employment"                      [Torch magazine, January 1945]
November 9     Frank Tolman                                       "What's Wrong with Education?"
December 14    Dixon Ryan Fox, Union Pres.                "Reflections - A Brief History of Union College"
January 11
Ferbruary 8
March 8
April 12, 1945                           [ FDR dies at 3:35 p.m.; meeting probably cancelled ]
May 10
June 14


October 11         Vladimir Rojansky                               "An English Village in Wartime"
November 8        L. A. Hawkins                                    "Post-War Research"
December 13
January 10          Lt. Col. Owen Begley*                        "Military Operations in the Far East"
February 14        Arthur Cornelius, Jr.*                          "Espionage and Sabotage During the Last War"
March 14            Harold Hemivich*                               "Homeostasis and Related Conditions"
April 11
May 9                 Dr. Hans Rosendahl                            "Experiences with the Military Government in Germany"
June 13               Giles van der Bogert                            "Homes of the Future"


October 10
November 14      Thomas E. Linville                              "Germany at the Moment of Surrender"
December 12
January 2            Charles Watland                                 "Chile"
February 13         John McAllister                                  "The German V2 Rocket"
March 13
April 17               Robert Kazmayer                               "The European Picture"
May 8
June 5                 Dr. Charles Godcharles                       "Psychological Fatigue"


October 9
November 13
December 11
January 8
February 12
March 11
April 8
May 13
June 10


October 14                   
November 11               
December 9              
January 13                   
February 17        A. J. Nerad                                            "The History of Rocketry"                                                     (30)
March 18            Dr. W. S. Gross                                     "What to Expect in Dentistry"                                                (25)
April 7                Blandy Barton*                                      "America, a Land Choice Above All Lands"                            (26)
May 12              Burges Johnson                                      "Who Was Your Grandmother?"                                            (63)

1949-50    @Nott Terrace H.S., all on second Thursday

October 13        Dr. Edward Marz                                    "The Nature of the State"                                                       (32)
November 10     Frederick A. Klemm*                              "The Many-Sided Goethe"                                                     (30)
December 8       Prof. William T. Winne                            "The Liberian Hinterland"                                                      (27)
January 12         Dr. Joseph Rotundo                                 "The Two-Party System in America"                                      (33)
February 9         Dr. Ellis Kellert                                        "Medical Science and Social Progress"                                    (32)
March 9             Dr. Eugene Davidoff*                               "Medicine and Psychiatry"                                                    (31)
April 13             Arthur Davis*                                           "What a Sociologist Learns from History"                          
May 11              Robert Stowe, Sylvia Horwitz, Mr.Currie   "Selections from the SLOC production "The Wizard of the Nile"


October 12         Edward Kasner* [1878-1955]                   "Geometry and Nature" [ The only math talk in our history ]    (27)
November 9       William E. Cass*                                      "What Do Plastics Mean to You?"                                         (26)
December 14      Karl Pauley*                                            "National Parks of the West"                                                 (31)
January 11         J. Herbert Holloman*                                 "The Importance of Metals in Modern Warfare"
February 8         Carl Guthe*                                              "From Atom to Adam"                                                          (26)
March 8             C. M. Suter                                              "The Relation of Chemical Research to Medicine"
         [ A motion that members wear name tags failed ]
April 12             James Allen                                               "Responsibilities of the State Ed. Dept. for Public Education"   (24)
         [ A motion to schedule a May meeting failed. That made the June 14 meeting the last ever held in June. ]
June 14              Film and group discussion                          "The Navajo Indians and Their Reservation"     

1951-52  @ Nott Terrace H.S.   Dues: $18 / year

11        Rev. J. Edward Carothers                          "Psychological Explanations for Corruption in Government"
November 8      R. S. Hoagland                                          "Thc Concept of Israel"     
December 13    Allen Mosley                                              "The Snails of Africa"
January 10           ?
February 14         ?
March 13          Clifton Bradt                                             "Modern Art"                                                                       (25)
April 3              Duane Featherstonhaugh                            "Spelunking"                                                                         (30)
May 8               John Vrooman                                          "Historic Houses in Our State"       


9            Prof. __ Morley*                                   "Is Japan Safe for Democracy?"
November 13      Prof. Murphy (pro), Dr. Davidson (con)   "Federal Aid to Education - a Debate"
December 11      Joseph Rotundo                                      "Individual Freedom"    
January 8            Rev. Darwin Kirby                                 "Wills"
February 12        George Baldwin                                      "Time, Its Nature and Measurement"
March 12            Dr. Bellamy Taylor                                 "Time-Lapse Photography of Flowers"
April 23              Gerald Perkins                                         "Hawaii"
May 21               Mrs. Harold Langworthy                          "My Teaching Career in Beirut"


October 8          Horace S. Van Voast Jr.*                          "A Six-Month Expedition to the Bahamas"                               (39)
November 12     R. K. Kapur*                                          "Gandhi's Philosophy"                                             
December 10     Rabbi Solomon Bernards*                         "The Attack on Freedom"
January 14        George E. Henry                                      "Ultrasonics"                                      
February 11       Morris Mandel Cohn                                "Present Day Metropolitan Government"                                  (32)
March 11          Benjamin P. Whitaker                               "Taxes"                                                                                 (25)
April 8              Dr. Harry Reynolds*                                  "Devils, Drugs, and Doctors - The History of Medicine"            (35)
May 13             Yu Kuan Chew*                                       "Oriental Art in Its Life Setting"                                                (60)

1954-55  [ An unusual year in which no Torch member spoke.]

October 14         V. C. Wilson*                                           "Cosmic Rays"
November 18      Edward Keonjian*                                    "Professional Education in Soviet Russia"
December 9        Donald S. Smith*                                      "The Modern Museum"
January 13          Hon. W. Sterling Cole*                              "Some Problems with Atomic Energy Legislation"
February 10        Arthur A. Merrill*                                      "Memory"
March 10            Neil B. Reynolds*                                      "The Past Around Us"
April 21              Wm. C. L. Diefenbach*                             "Some Historical Aspects of Blod Transfusion and Anesthesia"
May 19               Dr. Albert Corey*, NYS Historian              "New York State History 1775-1777"                                     (38)

1955-56   @ Nott Terrace H.S.

October 20          Miles Martin                                            "The Art of Photography as a Hobby"                                     (31)
November 10       Karl Schmidt                                           "Post Election Ruminations"                                                   (18)
December 8         W. Norris Paxton*                                    "Journalism"                                                                          (31)
January 12           Dr. Walter Osinkski*                               "Mental Health"                                                                     (31)
February 9           Dr. Reuben Frodin*                                 "Public Health Administration in New York State"                    (29)
March 8               Christopher I. Savage*                             "Economic Trends int Britain"                                                (29)
April 12               Alex Diamond                                          "Ethical Attitudes of Scientists and Their Impact on Society"     (23)
May 10                       ?                                                          ?

1956-57    @ Mohawk Golf Club
October 18          Vincent Schaefer                                  "Operation Skyfire"
November 8        ?
December 13      
Calvin Gross                                         "Quality in Education"                                                             (31)
January 10           Dr. Louis Tischler                                 "Infertility"                                                                             (29)
February 14         Arthur Newkirk                                     "Conservation in the Forest Preserve"                                      
March 14             Sherwood Fox                                       "Applications of Social Science"                                               
April 11               Miles Martin                                          "Industrial Research and the Public Welfare"                             (41)
May 9                 W. T. Winne                                          "Primitive Village Life in Liberia"

October 10         Benjamin Whittaker                                "Impressions of Japan"                                                            (26)
November 14     John G. Hutton                                       "A Look Behind the Iron Curtain"                                            (30)
December 12     Augustus Fox                                          "Sputnik and Rocket History"                                                   (26)
January 9           Rev. Edwin D. McLane                          "Speak Truth to Power - Peace and Disarmament"                     (26)      
February 13       Lewis Eldred                                          "Higher Education in New York State"                                       (20)         
March 13           Samuel Weingarten                                 "The Family and Society"                                                         (25)
April 7               Joint with Albany in Albany                     "My Job Isn't Like That - Misconceptions about the Professions"
                            Panel Discussion                                      David Beetle, Editor, Knickerbocker News:                        Journalism
                                                                                          Hamilton H. Bookhout, Sup't, Bethlehem Central Schools:   Education
                                                                                          Judge John Holt Harris:                                                      Law
                                                                                          Daniel K.Lepak, Chief NYS Budget Examiner:                    Government
May 8                 Herb Pollock                                         "Jefferson the Scientist"             @Hale House

1958-59   at Linton Faculty Dining Room
October 23          Kenneth Ruthman*                                 "Ground Water"                                                                      (24)
November 13      Dr. Seymour Horwitz                              "Problems in Medical Education"                                              (29)
December 11      Harvey Handel                                        "Teacher Tensions"                                                                 (32)
January 8            Rev. J. Edward Carothers                        "Soviet Russia Today"                                                             (33)
February 12        Ralph Alpher                                           "Origin and Evolution of the Universe"                                      (33)
March 19           Dr. Shahab Rehavy                                   "The Middle East as Seen by a Middle Easterner"                      (32)  
April 9               Dr. Val Wilson*, Skidmore President         " Problems Confronting American Colleges"                              (43)
May 14              J. A. Moss    (at Hale House)                     "The Underdeveloped Countries"                                             (58)

1959-60   at Linton H.S. Faculty Dining Room
October 8          Dean V. L. Parsegian* (RPI)                      "The Academic Funtion in Today's World"                                (35)
November 12     John Stehn                                               "The Sport of Collecting Nuclear Data"                                      (33)
December 10     Charles Lovitt*                                          "Existentialism"                                                                        (34)
January 14         Abraham Costik*                                      "Problems of Aging"                                                                 (37)
February 11       Harold Chestnut                                        "Automation"                                                                           (42)
March 10           Dexter Bellamy                                         "Biochemical Aspects of Life"                                                   (40)
April 14             Dr. David Ast*                                          "Aspects of Dental Care"         
May 12             Alex Diamond                                            "What Every Woman Should Know About the Law"                  (69)                                             

October 13        Dr. Weller Fisher                                       "The Evolution of Man - Skulls and Teeth"                                (32)
November 10     Leslie Cook                                              "The Discovery of Uranium Fission"               
December 8       Robert Proctor*                                        "Family Challenge"                                
January 12         Richard Shuey*                                        "Information Theory"           
February 9         Clare W. Graves*                                     "Morality in Our Times""
March 11      [ cancelled due to Weather ]
April 13             Rabbi Michael Szenes*                              "Judaic Religion and Ethics"
May 11             Carter Davidson*                                       "Torches (trouble spots) in the East"

1961-62   @ Linton H.S. cafeteria                           
October 12         James Hughes                                            "This Is Your Dollar"                                                          
November 9       John  Hoffman                                          "Impressions of Egypt"                                                        (38) 
December 14      Leo Jandreau*                                          "Changing Times in the Labor Movement"                             (33)
January 11          John Bragg                                              "Operations Research"                                                          (39)
February 8          Ken Mathes                                             "The Situation in India- Food, Population, and Education"       (36)
March 8              Pfeiffer, Pollock, Watson                         "The Relation of the Scientist to the Government"                   (41)
April 12              Neil Allen                                                 "The Old and the New in Contemporary Britain"                     (35)
May 10**           Donald Mochon* (RPI)                             "The New American Art"  

**  "This is the big meeting of the year, when the beauty and wit of our wives is added to the solemnity and sagacity of our members"
             - "Rev. Lee A. Howe"

October 11         Rev. Lee A. Howe, Jr.                               "Religion, Uniting or Dividing                                                    (29)
November 8        Lewi Tonks                                              "Economics of an Affluent Society"                                           (32)
December 13      John E. Weinrich                                       "The Common Market"                                                            (34)
January 10         Rev. Eric Roy King                                    "The Drama of Human Life"                                                     (38)
February 14        Prof. Carl Niemeyer                                  "A Valentine for Playwrights - Classical and Modern Drama"       (26)
March 14           Prof. Henry Butzel                                     "Recent Advances in Human Genetics"                                      (36)
April 11              Dr. George Graham* & Jay Riedel              "Medical Care for Older People - A Debate" (37)

                 [ Moved, seconded, and passed: "Henceforth the location of Ladies' Night shall be one where liquor is served."

May 16               Harrison Karp                                           "Medical Hypnosis"                                                                  (47)

1963-64   @ Union College Hale House
October 10         John Jennings*                                         "Second-class Citizens - Here and Elsewhere."                         (43)
November 14      Rev. Donald Stake*                                 "Separation of Church and State"                                           
December 12      Alexander Diamond                                  "Justice in New York - Court Reorganization"                          (30)
January 9            Rev. William Gold                                    "The Next World Religion - Humanism"                                  (34)
February 13        Dr. Harris Karowe*                                   "Human Behavior"                                                               
March 12            Henry Hurwitz                                          "Nuclear Fusion"                                                                  
April 9                Dr. Evan Collins*, SUNYA President          "The Role of the University in American Society"                    (44)
May 14               Miles Martin*                                           "Picture Europe"                                                                   (72)


October 8            William Murphy                                       "Finding the Mainstream - The Significance of the 1964 Election"
November 12       Dr. Ellis Kellert                                        "Medical Anecdotes of Old Schenectady"

    His final anecdote: " 'Yankee Doodle' was written by Dr. Richard Schulberg, a resident of this area whose remains cannot be located."

December 10       Bob Wentorf                                            "Synthetic Diamonds"
January 14          Volney Wilson*                                         "Population Growth in Neutrons and Men"
February 11        David G. Barz*                                         "The Research Revolution - Science and the New American Society"
March 11           Curtis Hemenway*, Dir. Dudley Obs.          "From Dust to Dust"
April 8               Robert Rohr                                               "The Atomic Industry and Public Health"
May 13             Capt. Jos. Monaco*, Lt. Patricia Welleman*  "The Schenectady Youth Aid Bureau"

1965-66   @Hale House

October 14             Paul Benjamin                                   "A Half Century of Social Work"  
November 11         James Nixon                                      "Justice and the Civil Rights Issue"
December 9           Dr. George Warner*                           "Public Health and Medical Care"
January 13             Rev. Theodore Thielpape                    "Practical Pacifism"
February 10           W. Crewson*, State Ed. Dept.             "Federal Aid to Education"
March 10               Robert Wentorf                                  "The Pleasures of Aeronautical Gliding"
April 14                  Lionel Barthold*                                "Electric Power Transmission"              
May 12                  Harold C. Martin*, Pres. of Union       "The Future of the Independent College"

1966-67  @Edison Club

October 13             Peter McElligott*                               "Folk Music and Its Instruments"
November 10         Dr. Arthur Penta*                               "Medical Missionary Work in the Slums of Lima, Peru"
December 8           Buford Price*, GE R&D                    "Charged Particle Tracks in Solids, Case History of a Discovery"
January 12             Hon. Robert Lynch*, State Senate      "Politics Is Not a Dirty Business"
February 9             Prof. Frank Lambert                          "Notes on Education and Culture in India"
March 9                 Efrem Neisuler                                  "The Individual and His Government"
April 13                  August King*, FBI                             "Local Operations of the FBI"
May 11                  Ted Birbilis*, County Manager            "The New County Charter"

1967-68     @Hale House

October 12             Prof. William Murphy                        "The Paranoid Anti-Shakespearian"
November 9           Thomas Oram*                                  "A Recent Visit to Viet Nam"
December 4           Hon. Daniel Button*                           "The Two-Party System in Congress"
January 11             Dr. David Brown*                              "Thoughts on the Causes and Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease"
February 8             Rev. Anthony Perrino                         "The Individual's Right to Dissent"
March 14               Eric Fisher                                         "Tanzania"
April 11                 Henry Butzel                                      "Exobiology, or Extraterrestrial Life"
May 9                   Harold Bibber                                     "Japanese Gardens"


October 10 Debate
PRO: Jay Riedel  CON: C. T. Male, Jr.* "Continuation of a Democratic Administration in Washington"
November 14        Milton Luger                                       "Treating the Juvenile Delingquent" 
December 12        William Hillig                                       "Developing Technology in Developing Nations"
January 9              Peter J. von Herrmann of VITA           "The Dallas Poverty Program"
February 13          Neal Allen                                          "Gentlemen, Rogues, and Others"
March 13              N. Gokhale                                        "Weather Modification"
April 10                Donald Sayles                                     "Urban Education - Strengths and Problems"
May 8                  Dr. Thomas Qualtere*                         "The Dynamics of Group Therapy"


October 9              Heinz Pfeiffer                                    "The Impact of Educational Technology"
November 13        Edward Simons                                  "Israel Today"
December 11        Dale Brown                                        "Thermal Pollution of the Atmosphere"
January 8             J. McCarthy* & D. Johnson*               "Volunteers for International Assistance (VITA)"
February 12         Donald Schein                                     "Noncommerical Television"
March 12             Dr. Alvin Bernstein                              "The Motivation to Work in Modern Society"
April 9                 Richard Leach*, SPAC Director            "The Pleasures and Problems of My Work"
May 14                Michael Bonshansky* & Kim Hull*       "The Earth Day Teach-In"

1970-71   @Ritz restaurant

October 8           W. Dexter Bellamy                                "Solid Waste Disposal in an Industrial Society"
November 12      Francis Lambert                                    "The Population Crisis and the Right to Reproduce"
December 10      Ralph Alpher                                         "What's New in Astronomy"
January  14        George Cole & Herb Pollock                   "The Schenectady Museum"
February 11       Willard Roth                                           "Towards the New Biological Ethics"
March 11           Dr. Derek Sayers                                    "The Socio-economics of Medical Practice.
April 14             Dr. Louis Tischler                                   "The Socio-economic Aspects of Abortion"                       
May 15             Richard Fulsom, Pres. RPI                       "The Seamy Side of a College Presidency"


October 14         Ralph H. Elliott [ date uncertain ]             "The Contemporary State of Religion"
November 11
December 9
January 13
February 10
March 9
April 13
May 11


October 12        Louis Navius                                            "History of the Schenectady Stockade"`
November 9      Peter Nevius & Dale Brown                       "Environmental Meteorology"
December 14    Dr. Anthony J. Klein                                  "Why Dental X-Rays?"
January 11        Prof. Michael Shinagel*                              "Pornography and the Law"
February 8        Efrem B. Neisuler                                      "Israel, through Documents, Speeches, and Books"
March 8            Dr. Sung Nien Lu                                      "Mainland China Today"     [The announced had been "Acupuncture."
April 12            Clarence Goodheart                                    "Energy Crisis in Electrical Power Systems"
May 10             Dr. Ewald Nyquist*, NYS Comm. of Ed.     "Alternative Schools"

[ At the January 11 meeting, acting president Butzel called for a report from the "Sex Committee." ]

[ At the February 8 meeting, it was moved by Ralph Alpher, seconded, and passed unanimously that effective with the 1973-74 program year,
  women be admissible to Torch on the same basis as men. ]

[ At the April 12 meeting, after election of officers, acting president Butzel named Louis as historian and parliamentarian in addition to
   his duties as Archivist. ]


October 10         Barry Cooper*                                         "A Personal Visit with Dissident Soviet Scientists" 
November 8       Daniel Driscoll                                          "Knowledge and Understanding of Music"
December 13     George Braden                                          "The U.S. Supreme Court and Judicial Review"
January 10         Henry Butzel                                            "Development and Human Genetics: Promise or Threat?"
February 14       Jim Spool                                                 "Town Government is Closest to the People"                            (39)
March 14           Leroy Moody                                           "Energy and History"                                                              (41)
April 11              Dr. Gerald Haines                                    "Project Hope" (Hospital Ship)                                                 (44)
May 9                      --                                                       Tour of Schenectady Museum and Planetarium

1974-75   @ Van Dyck

October 10         Howard Levine                                         "The Anatomy of a Criminal Case"                                          (43)
November 14      John Brown                                              "Machines That Watch You When You're Sick"                      (46)
December 12      Bob Wentorf                                            "Can the American Way of Life Survive the Energy Crisis?"      (40)
January 9           Frank Ham                                               "The Social Dimensions of Science"                                         (44)
February 13       Frank Lambert                                           "What and When is the Sexual Revolution?"                            (33)
March 13           Bob Rohr                                                  "Nuclear Accidents"                                                               (39)
April 10             Edgar Pitzer                                               "The Living End: End-of-the-World Prophets"                         (40)
May 8               Dr. George Vlahides                                    "The Physiology of Blood Cells"      


October 9            Mary Coffin                                            "The Case for the Defense"                                                     (36)    
November 13       Donald Schein                                         "Cable TV - Promise and Reality"                                            (35)
December 11       Jo Braden                                                "New York City, NY State, and the Federal Government"         (46)
January 8            Twitty Styles                                            "Zoonoses - Diseases in Animals that are Common to Man"       (43)
February 12         John Bradshaw                                        "Thought on the Historic District Commission"                          (49)
March 11            Seymour Horwitz                                     "Doctors' Problems for Laymen to Solve"                                 (62)
April 8                 Laura Roth                                             "The New Religions"                                                               (48)
May 13               Joe Finkelstein                                                    ?              


October 14         Rev. Leon Adkins                                      "Ethics in the Ministry"                                                           (42)        
November 11     Ed Reilly                                                   "Political Ethics"                                                                     (41)        
December 9       Alice Rohr                                                 "Ethics in Psychology"                                                            (41)     
January 13         Thomas McInerney                                   "The Ethics of Lawyers"                                                          (44)
February 10       Jim Schmidt                                               "The Ethics of the Architect"                                                   (37)
March 10           Willard Roth                                              "The Ethics of the Academic Scientist"                                     (52)         
April 14             Maurice LeBoeuf                                        "The Ethics of the Corporation Scientist"                                  (45)
May 12    Harold Williams*, Pres., Inst. of Man & Science    "Ethics, an Overview"                                                              (65)          


October 13          Ralph Alpher                                            "Evidence for a Big Bang Universe"             
November 10      Harold Reichenthal                                    "The 1976 Tax Law and You"
December 8        Charles Bean                                             "The Strategy of the Sperm"                                                 (40)
January 12          William Martin                                          "The Effective Non-Voluntary Swiss Army"
February 9          Jeremy Plant                                             "The Aesthetics of Railroads"
March 9             Dexter Bellamy                                          "Bio-Solar Energy"        
April 13              Matt Liimatainen                                        "Integrated Circuits and the Electronic Revolution"
May 11              Betty Bean                                                 "Is Politics a Dirty Word?          


October 12          Henry Butzel                                          "Human Genetics and Humane (?) Laws"
November 9        Dominick DeSimone                                "Planning Educational Facilities in an Era of Declining Enrollment"
December 14      Alvin Bernstein                                        "Affirming Affirmative Action"
January 11          Robert Briber                                          "How to Control the Future - The Not-for-Profit Organization"        (38)
February 8         
Dean Arden*                                           "Teacher Militancy in an Era of Declining Enrollment: A Paradox?"
March 8             George Braden                                         "Of Managers and Mayors and the Governance of Ciites"
April 12              Dr. Rudolph Mauet                                  "National Health Insurance - Can We Learn from Other Countries?"
May 10              Francis Federighi                                      "The Golden Age of Radio"


October 11         Bob Rohr                                                 "The Aftermath of Three-Mile Island"                                     (50)
November 8       John Poersch*, Sch'dy Co. DA                  "Crime Prevention"                                                                (43)
December 13      Don Schein (WMHT)                               "Public Television in Schenectady"           
January 10          Michael Alexander                                    "The Changing World - the Confused American"                      (44)
February 14        Bruce Eldridge*                                        "Confessions of a Sandwich Man - Being a Museum Director"  (33)
March 13           Clarence Goodheart                                   "Causes of the Energy Crisis"                                                 (42)
April 10              Leroy Moody                                           "What Columbus Had in  Mind"                     
May 8                Dr. John Morris*, President of Union                 ?


October 9                  ?
November 13     Rudolf Nemser                                          "The Relgious Foundations of the New Right"
December 11             ?
January 8           John Brown                                              "Environmental Theology"
February 12              ?
March 12           Peter Nevius                                             "Home Retrofitting for Energy Conservation"
April 9                      ?
May 14              Lou Navias                                               "Fifty Years of the Schenectady Torch Club"


October 8           Laura Roth                                               "Buddhism and Physics"         
November 12      Stan Jones                                                "Strategic Minerals"
December 10      ( Cancelled due to boiler problem )
January 14         Neff Dietrich                                             "Immigration Out of Control"                                                 (42)
February 11       Ralph Alpher                                             "CO2 and Future Climate"                           
March    11        Dr. Alan Rosell                                          "Forensic Dentistry"                                        
April 8               Fred Jonas                                                "History as a Literary Art"                                                     
May 13              Herb Strong                                              "Hawaii -  Footsteps in the Pacific"                                          (58)


October 14         Jay Riedel                                           "The Limits of Presidential Power"
November 11     Barbara Boyer                                     "Marine Biology - Life in Deep Sea Thermal Vents"
December 9       George Wise                                        "Futurology Revisited"                                                                    (48)
January 12         Ken Amiraian                                       "The Elaboration of an Immune Effector System"                             (38)
February 10       Hosmer Norris                                      "Finned-Tube Heat Exchangers"                                                      (37)
March 10           Margaret Schadler                                "Views from the Lofty Temple of the KuKulKan: the Mayan World"  (44)
April 14             Peter Stewart                                       "Progress Squared"                            
May 5               Henry Butzel                                        "Genetics and the Courts"          (at the Willows CC)


October 13         Dr. Harrison Karp                               "The Romantic Origin of Names"                  
November 10      Leo Hoge                                           "Planning and Execution of a TransAtlantic Sailing Race"                        (46)
December 8        Alex LaRocco                                     "Education in the '90s"                                                                          (45)
January 12          John Boyer                                         "Neurons, Nands, and Nucleotides: Perspectives of the Information Age"  (41)
February 9          Garland Branch                                   "Sound, Music, and the Human Ear"                                                      (50)
March 8             Gertrude Heidenthal                             "Pioneers in Women's Education: Emma Willard and Mary Lyon"
April 12              George Smith                                      " Primitive Motile Systems: How Cells Move"                                      
May 11              Dennis Madden (Proctor's Mgr)            "The Exciting Business of Show Business"                                             (74)


May 9               William Daniels*                                   "The Burger Suprme Court"

1985-86  At Van Dyck
October 10         Ed Reilly                                     "Consciousness and Free Will: Illusion or Reality"                                  (43)
November 14     Charles Bean                                "Will You Catch the Comet Fever?"                                                     (47)
December 12      Robert Riedel                               "Are You Safe in the Air?"                                                                  (48)
January 9           Charles Slap                                 "The Suspended Conscience: An Inquiry into the Banality of Evil"          (54)
February 13        Paul Zemany                               "Two Physicians (Pair 'o Docs) = Paradox"                                           (45)
March 13           Walter Mitronovas                        "Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis: How to Survive a Boiling Pot"  (44)
April 10              Dr. Seymour Horwitz                   "Changes in Medical Ethics"                                                                 (49)
May 8                Mayor Karen Johnson*                 "The Beleagurered Cities"   [At DiBello's]                                             (76)

October 9         ?
November 13   Ralph Alpher                                   "Cosmology and Humanism"                                                              (52)
December 11    Hal Reichenthal                               "New Tax Legislation"                                                                       (40)
January 8         Phil Kosky                                      "Per Ardua Ad Astra"                                                                        (48)
February 12      Lou Coffin                                      "Famous Engineering Failures"                                                           (48)
March 12         John Bradshaw                                 "Cranbrook - Bauhaus or Guest House?"                                            (45)
April 9             Harvey Schadler                               "Materials: Your Neighbors' Contributions to Your Standard of Living" (47)
May 14           George Robertson*                            "The Schenectady Economic Development Corporation (SEDC)"         (67)


October 8         Bill Martin                                      "All You Wanted to Know About Electronic Spin Resonance and More"  (40)
November 12    Charles Harrington                          "Technology at the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles"
December 10    Eric Fisher                                      "Slide Show with 'The Four Seasons' as background music"
January 14        Betty Bean                                     "The Oldest Profession - Should Prostitution be Legalized?"
February 11      Bruce Brown                                  "Two Views of Liberation Theology"                                                     (47)
March 10          Mark David Kankam                      "The Volta River Project - Ghana's Dilemma"
April 14            Lisa Schoonmaker                           "An Economic and Legal Analysis of Hazardous Waste"
May 12            Carl George                                     "The Architecture of E. T. Potter"

[ At the November meeting, the Club received an award from Torch International as having been the "Best Chapter" in 1986-87 ]


October 15        Jeannine Grinage*                           "Social Programs for Minority Youth"                                                         (42)
November 10    Jay Riedel                                      "Why (G. H. W.) Bush Won"                                                                      (56)
December 8      Charles Bean                                  "Light and Color in the Open Air"                                                                 (44)
January 12        Dr. Gerald Haines                           "Two Visits to Nicaragua with Project Hope: 1966, 1988"                              (48)
February 9        Frank Starkey                                 "Minority Engineering Programs - Past, Present, and Future"                         (37)
March 9            Dr. Gail Snitkoff                             "It's Not Just a Shot in the Arm - Designing Vaccines for the 21st Century"    (42)
April 13            Ralph Alpher                                   "Supernova 87a"                                                                                        (47)
May 11             Franklin E. White*                          "Transportation in the '80s - Smooth Ride into the '90s?"                              (62)


October 12       John Bradshaw                               "Painted Ladies - Victorian Houses of San Francisco, Albany, & Schenectady" (43)
November 9     Ken Schick                                     "Why are the Laws of Nature So Congenial?"                                                (34)
December 14    Ed Reilly                                        "The Real (and unreal) Property Tax and You"                                              (40)
January 11       Mary Coffin                                    "Great Expectations vs Reality of the Legal System"                                       (45)
February 8       Bob Briber                                      "A Layman Looks at Physician Discipline"                                                     (40)
March 8               ?
April  12              ?
May  10              ?


October 11       Alice Rohr                                         "How Free is Free __ [?] - Euthanasia"                                              (34)
November 8     Peter Stewart                                     "De-layering the World"                                                                    (37)
December 13   Alderman Keith St. John*, Albany       "The Politics of Inclusion - A Progressive Agenda for the '90s"             (43)
January 10       Bob Wentorf                                      "Microeletronic and Religious Miracles"                                              (40)
February 14     Derek Sayers                                      "The Tennis Court Oath of 1789 - Precursor to the French Revolution"
March 14         Margaret Schadler                               "Whose Rights? - Animals Have None"
April 11           Seymour Horwitz                                "Ethics and Medicine"
May 9             Karen Johnson                                          ?


October 10        Ralph Alpher                                  "A Trip to Poland and Hungary"                                                           (35)
November 14    Fred Jonas                                      "The Breakup of Yugoslavia"                                                               (35)
December 12    Dr. Fe Mondragon                           "Who's Practicing Medicine?"                                                               (31)
January 9          Holly Cheever*, D.V.M.                 "In Defense of Animal Rights"                                
February 13      Joseph L. Mundy                            "Deux ex Machina - The Quest for Machine Intelligence"                        (43)
March 12          Twitty Styles                                  "HIV and AIDS                                                                                   (36)
April 10            Frank Gado*                                   "American Colleges                                                                              (45)
May 8              Carl Strock* ?                                         ?


October 8          Jay Riedel & &                              "Presidential Campaign Issues"
November 12     Peter Stewart                                 "Natural Gas - the Next Energy Crisis"
December 10     Maxine Borom                                "Shortchanging Girls"
January 14
February 11
March 11
April 8
May 13

October 14       Dr. James Strosberg                        "The Assassination of President William McKinley"
November 11    Roger Hull, Pres. of Union               "Town and Gown - College and Community"
December 9      Lou Coffin                                      "Bridges"
January 13        Margaret Schadler                           "Nooks for Roos - Marsupials in Australia and Tasmania"                    (43)
February 10      Ken Schick                                     "Why the Germans Didn't Have the Atomic Bomb"
March 10          Charles Bean                                   "Is the Sky Falling?"
April 14            Peter Kent                                      "Entrepreneurs Anonymous"                
May 12            Ivar Giaever, Nobel Prizewinner       "Genetic Engineering and Cancer"                                                       (55)


October 12        Paul Swartz                                    "The Bridges between My Life and My Death"
November 10    Myra Goldberg*                              "Heros and Heroines - How the Odyssey Became a Tale about a Woman"
December 8      Peter Stewart                                  "Who Was King Arthur?"
January 12        Julia Burgess                                   "Chasing the Charitable Dollar"
February 9        Simon Weinstein                              "Should We Debate the Legalization of Drugs?'
March 9            Allen Anderson                                "Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques - How to Lose $ in the Stock Market"
April 13            Dr. Seymour Horwitz                       "The Write Way to Retire"
May 11            Dr. David Carpenter*                        "New Trends in Public Health"


October 12         Paul Swartz                                    "Japan's Bloodless Ascent to Economic Leadership: Now What?"
November 9       Richard Mehan                               "The Jury System - Should We Keep it?"
December 14   [ Meeting cancelled, heavy snow ]            ---
January 11         Manfred Jonas                                "Bosnia, the Past and the Future"
February 8         Ricki Lewis                                    " Genetic Testing: How Will it Affect Your Future"
March 14           Bill Edelstein                                  "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"
April 11             John Bradshaw                               "The Aquatic Ape Theory of Human Evolution"
May 9               Ralph Alpher                                  "The Age of the Cosmos"

October 10        John Brown                                    "Dioxin Dilemma - Conflict between Science, Belief, and Law"
November 14    Jay Riedel                                       "The 1996 Election: What Happened?"
December 12    Michele Paludi* & Maxine Borom     "Sexual Harassment"
January 9          Joseph Salvo                                   "Cosmic Genetics"
February 13      Alice Rohr                                       "Dreams - A Revealing Night Life"
March 13          Dr. James Strosberg                         "Massacre at Wounded Knee - What Really Happened"
April 10            Phyllis Budka                                  "Nickel-Iron Meteorites: A New Look at Old Ideas"
May 8              Gabriel Basil*, President, SCCC       "The Community College - A Treasure in our Midst"

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