†† As Amended October 12, 2006




Organized January 20, 1931








The name of this organization shall be the Schenectady Torch Club, a member of the International Association of Torch Clubs.






Sec. 1. ††The membership of the Club shall be limited to professionals (active or retired) who meet the qualifications described in the bylaws of the International Association of Torch Clubs.


Sec. 2. ††A person applying for membership must be sponsored by a member in good standing of the Schenectady Torch Club. Said sponsor shall submit an application for membership completed and signed by the applicant to the Membership Chair. The Membership Chair (after consultation with other members of the Executive Committee as may be deemed necessary) shall determine that the application is complete and that the applicant meets the requirements for membership. Subsequently, if all requirements for membership have been met, the Membership Chair shall move that the application be approved at a regular meeting of the Club. Upon being seconded, the motion will pass with the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the votes cast.


Sec. 3.††† Each new member shall be given a copy of the bylaws of the club.





Officers and Directors


Sec. 1.††† The officers shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Archivist, and Treasurer.


Sec. 2. †††The election of officers shall take place at the regular meeting of the Club in April. All officers shall be elected for one year. Except for the Treasurer and Archivist, officers of the club shall serve for one-year terms that matriculate annually in the following order: 1) Secretary 2) Second Vice President, 3) First Vice President, 4) President. Terms of office commence at the end of the regular May meeting.


Sec. 3.††† The three most recent ex-Presidents shall serve as Directors.


Sec. 4.The Executive Committee shall propose a slate of officers for the following year to the members at the March meeting to be voted upon by members attending the April annual business meeting.


Sec. 6. †††All vacancies occurring during any year shall be filled until the next annual meeting by the Executive Committee, and at that time the unexpired term, if any, of a Director shall be filled by election by the membership.







Sec. 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Directors and Officers.


Sec. 2.There will be standing Membership and Program committees. The First Vice President shall serve as Membership Chairperson. The Second Vice President shall serve as Program Chairperson. In addition, the President may appoint other committees as are deemed necessary. The President may authorize the chairpersons of standing and special committees to select other members of such committees.


Sec. 3. †††The members of the Executive Committee shall serve as ex officio members of the Membership and Program Committees.







Sec. 1.†††† The regular meetings of the Club shall be held on the second Thursday of each month, excepting the months of June, July, August, and September. If necessary, however, the regular meeting may be held on some other day provided that the membership is informed of the change by due notice.


Sec. 2. †††The annual business meeting shall coincide with the regular April meeting.


Sec 3.††††† Special meetings may be called by the President or in the absence of the President by the First Vice-President.


Sec 4. †††††The Executive Committee shall meet each summer to plan club business for the upcoming program year.


Sec. 5††††† All meetings shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order. The Archivist shall serve as parliamentarian.





Dues and Fees


Sec. 1.††† The initiation fee shall be as set by Torch International.


Sec. 2.††† The annual dues shall be set by the Executive Committee in order to maintain a balanced budget. The budget will be available for inspection by any member on request to the Treasurer. In addition to local operating expenses and the annual fee to International Torch, the dues shall include the cost of membersí dinners for each regular meeting from October through May, inclusive. Dues will be billed by September 1 and shall be due in full by October 1.


Sec. 3.††† All members shall pay dues and fees in a timely manner to maintain membership privileges.


Sec. 4.††† In order to promote active dialog on topical issues, it is the policy of the club to encourage attendance at all meetings. However, a member who is absent from the area for much of a year, who incurs a serious illness, or who assumes special obligations that make regular attendance at meetings impossible may elect to be designated as inactive. Such members shall pay the dues that are forwarded to International Torch as well as local dues and shall continue to receive Torch magazine and receive local notices. In addition, they will pay the cost of meals for each meeting they may attend.


Sec. 5.††† A member joining part way through the season shall pay the initiation fee, but the yearly dues shall be pro-rated in proportion to the number of the eight regular meetings remaining.


Sec. 6. †††Prospective members shall be guests of the Club at their first attendance at a regular meeting. Members who invite guests other than prospective members shall reimburse the Treasurer for the cost of meals.






These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by an affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the Club present and in good standing, provided due notice is sent to all members.