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                                                                                   About Torch in general....

The first Torch Club was organized in 1924. Originally, membership was restricted to "members of the learned professions." With the emergence of many new professions, the definition of eligibility has been widened to include those "members from other disciplines pursued by a person in a recognized professional manner." However, the local club has the right to set the general boundaries.

TORCH is an international association of local clubs in which respected persons practicing recognized professions enjoy the cultural interchange of knowledge. The clubs are organized in an International Association of TORCH Clubs, a non-profit corporation that provides common services to its member organizations.

Over 80 local TORCH Clubs comprising 3,000 members operate in 75 locations in the United States and Canada. Each has a monthly dinner meeting, which is highlighted by the presentation of a paper by a member or guest on a topic of concern to modern society. Following the presentation, the members discuss the subject. It is through this sharing of knowledge and airing of divergent views that TORCH becomes such a unique and rewarding experience.

                                                                            The Schenectady Torch Club

The Schenectady Torch Club is a member of the International Association of Torch Clubs that consists of many local semi-autonomous clubs. A complete list is given on the web page of the international association,  the Schenectady Club being in Region One. The mission of a Torch Club is to extol controversy while promoting free interchange among its members on intellectual and cultural subjects including, but not restricted to, civic, religious, philosophic, scientific, economic, artistic, political, and other similar topics. We champion neither specific causes nor do we subscribe to any propaganda or ideologies. In the broadest terms the Schenectady Torch Club seeks to stimulate understanding among the learned professions with the conviction that its members will gain a mutual understanding of each other and thus appreciate the function each plays in our society.

The Schenectady Torch Club was chartered in 1931.  The first meeting was held on Tuesday, January 20 of that year at the Van Curler Hotel. The speaker was Dr. George B. Cutten,  President of Colgate, whose talk was entitled "Is Man Doomed to Extinction?"  The dinner cost was 2$.

Schenectady Torch is proud to have been the first to admit women, having voted to do so unanimously  in 1973. It has since elected four female presidents. Schenectady Torch continues to pioneer the broadest possible spectrum of membership commensurate with its commitment to serve the professional community. The Club has more than 70 active members drawn from local business, state and local government, colleges and universities, and a variety of professions.

The Club meets at 6:00  p.m. on the second Thursday of each month from October through May. The current venue is the Turf Tavern in Scotia. A Torch evening consists of dinner followed by a speaker who is most often a Club member but who also may be an outside guest. Members are encouraged to bring guests to any meeting, but are especially encouraged to do so for the May meeting, once called "Ladies' Night," then "Spouses' Night," and now "Guests' Night."

Membership is open to all professions. Potential new members are usually sponsored by two or more members and are introduced to the Club at one meeting and, should they apply to join, are voted to membership at a later meeting.

The annual cost of membership, which includes meals and the  International dues, is set by the Torch officers the summer before  each Torch season. The current dues are $200 per year and are payable before the October meeting. Our national dues cover three issues per year of Torch Magazine, which reprints transcripts of those talks chosen as the best ones from among those nominated by local clubs.

The Club typically grants a partial subsidy to one of its members to attend the annual convention of the International Association of Torch Clubs. When that convention is held locally, the Albany and Schenectady Clubs are usually designated as joint hosts.

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Officers, 2017-2018

President Phil Adams
104 Marson Avenue
Scotia, NY 12302
1st  Vice President Robert Lillquist 2678 Troy-Schenectady Rd 
Niskayuna, NY 12309

2nd  Vice President Gary Jones
168 Overlook Lane 
Duanesburg NY 12056

Secretary Vacant

Chris Walcek
1 Verdun Street
Watervliet, NY 12189

Richard Westergard
2766 Rosendale Rd
Niskayuna, NY 12309

Director   Vacant

Term ending 5/31/2019
Director Britt Westergard
58 Campus Club Dr Guilderland, NY Term ending 5/31/2020
Director Fred Goodman
886 Cunningham Court 
Niskayuna, NY 12309 
Term ending 5/31/2021



     October 12   Larry Lewis    Sadie's Boys: "When Charles and Ben Lewis go missing in WW II, their mother Sadie seeks to find them."

   November 9 Harry Ringermocker - The 2017 Solar Eclipse

   December 7  Bob and Pat Liliquist The Edison Cylinder Record Hop Songs played on their own 1909 Edison Phonograph  

   January 11   DICK and Heide Westerguard: Slides of their travels through Cuba and Costa Rica

   February 8   Sylvie Briber describes the scratched inscription in a window of her home in the Stockade and how it got there.

   March 8      Frank Strauss palys recordings of opera star Maria Callas

  April 12            Joan Ham : General Devers and the Second Invasion of France

   May 10         Chris Cioffi : "Estate Planning" How the new tax laws will affect your estate



  October 13         Dr. Bill Levering - Senior Pastor, First Reformed Chursch     "Why God Loves Liberals"

   November 10     Professor George Shaw    "The Earth's Early Atmosphere and the Origin of Life"

   December 8       Michael Barrett       "The Life of Russell Sage, the Money King "
   January 12        
Kenneth Klapp      "The NYS Power Grid"

   February 9         Professor Annastasia  Pease - Union College  "The Many Words for Love: a Literary Journey"

   March 9             Cal Welch             "Maps of the Adirondacks from 1550"

   April 13             Benjamin Powerance    "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"                                                                          

   May 11              Fred Goodman             "Schenectady County's Complex Juvenile Justice System"                                                                        


  October 8         Andrew McKenna              "Sheer Madness, from Fedral Prosecutor to Federal Prisoner"

   November 12    Attorney Joseph Glazer       "When Mental Health and Criminal Justice Collide"

   December 10     Ralph Enokian                   "Armenian Genocide"
   January 14        Ed Reilly, Torch Archivist / County Historian   "85 years of the Schenectady Torch Club"

   February 11      Juan Barbosa                     "Fitness and Nutrition for the Middle Age and Senior Years"

   March 10          John Polimeni, Sch'dy Councilman       "Economics"

   April 14   Jason Lecuyer, Sch'dy Cty Director of Special Events "Special Events that Promote Tourism"

   May 12  Fred Goodman, Karen Crandall, Tim Ferrara       " Schenectady County Juvenile Justice System" 


   October 9           William. "Mac" Sudduth, MiSci                          Current & Future Programs at MiSci  ( Museum of Science and  Innovation )
   November 13    D r. James  Lloyd, SUNY Nanotech                   The Black Hole Universe, an Alternative to Dark Energy.  Was there really a Big Bang?                       The Black Hole Universe, an Alternative to Dark Energy 
   December 11     Mary Liz & Paul Stewart                                      The Underground Railroad Revisited: A New Interpretation of a Very Old Story  


   January 8           Bryan Clenahan                                                     Medical  Marijuana in New York State



   February 12       Dick Messmer                                                       Financial Stability vs. Economics  





   March 12           Geoffrey Kirkpatrick - NYLA President              The Future of Public Libraries: challenges and opportunities



   April  9               Blair Horner, NYPIRG                                          Fixing Albany, a Roadmap for Reform      





   May 14              Chuck Becker - Habitat for Humanity                    The State of Affordable Housing in Schenectady              






   October 10         Carl Strock                                      "From Duanesburg to Jerusalem: The Unlikely Rise and Awful Fall of a Small-Town Newsman"  
   November 14     Peter Tobiessen                             "Some Lake Items in the News: Their Causes and Possible Solutions "               
   December 12     Robert Altman                               "The Future of Public Television" 

   January 9           Tim Johnson                                  "Being in Control:  Understanding Feedback Systems, and How a Control Engineer Perceives the  World"                

   February 13       Sheelagh Baily                               "New York State Small Town Organization"                                        



   March 13           Fred Eddy                                      "The Digital Age."

   April  10             Paul Sorum                                    "The Affordable Care Act"                       



   May 8                 Jude McQueen                             "Childhood Education"                                           




  October 11         Prof. Francis Wilkin - Union College                “The Dark Side of the Universe:  Dark  Ma tter-Dark  Energy
  November 8       B.K. Keramati                                                    "Iran -  A   Personal  Perspective"
  December 13     Robert Ward  -  NYS Deputy Comptroller        "New  York State  Government"


  January  10       Doug  Kabat                                                        "How Amazon Works"





 February  14      Britt Westergard                                                  "Hydrology / Hurricane Irene"





 March 14           Don Gavin                                                            "The War of 1812"





 April  11             Walter Grattidge                                                  "Who Wrote the Shakespearean Plays?





 May  9               Jenny Overynder                                                  "New Netherland"






October 13


   Susan Stewart                               " Women and the Bible"


December  8



   Ricki Lewis                                "The Forever Fix: Genetics and Curing Illness"






January  12



   Marica White                              "SPAC Today and Tomorrow"






February  9



   Eric Ruijssensars                     "Abraham Staats: Surgeon, Magistrate, Soldier in New  Netherland, 1642"






March 8



   Ryan Torn                                  "An Update on Global Climate Change"






April  12



   Al Magid                                   "Democratic Transitions in Formerly  Autocratic Countries"






May  10



   Philip Morris                             "Proctor's and Schenectady"







October 14              Taury Smith                                             “The Straight Story on the Marcellus Shale."
Novermber 11        Cliff Brown                                                 "Politics - 2010 Elections."

December 9            Mike Saccocio                                           "City Mission"

January 13              Alan Gebel                                                 "Stories of a Chief Prosecutor."

February 10            Ray Gillen                                                  "Resurrecting Schenectady."

March 10                Scott Blaha                                                 “Hudson River Dredging”
April 14                  Doug Kabat                                                "Sex and Romance from Age 50 On."

May12                    George Wise                                              "History of Schenectady GE."


October8               Paul Sorum                                    "Health Reform, Health Costs and How Physicians Practice"
Margaret Shadler                                      "Muslim Women of Morocco
John Gowdy                                                "The Nature of Value and the Value of Nature"
Don Stauffer                                              "Robert Frost and his Anti-New Deal Politics"
   Quinton Bullock                                       "Leading a Communtiy College in the 21st Century"
Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill                         "How do you choose a play?"
Aprill 8                        
Phil Adams                                                "Mankind’s Aspirations Expressed in Architecture"
May 13                
       Dick Westergard                                        "You Too Can Be a Weather Guy"


October  9              Don Rittner, County Historian                    "The First Ship"
November 13          BK Keramati                                                 "
Retrospective on Running for the NY State Senate"
December 11          Doug Kabat                                                   "
The Traithlon as a Sport"   
January 8                Rex Smith, Times Union                                 "Ethical Journalism in the Internet Age"                
February 12            Leslie Herd                                                     "Roots and Wisdom: Creating Community through Agriculture"    
March 12                Hugh Johnson                                                  "The Investment Picture Today"                        
April 9                     Angel Garcia                                                    "Understanding Basic Biological Processes from Physical Data"               

May 7                     David Golibersuch                                           "They Won't Send You Farther than Siberia"




October  11             Prof. Stephen M. Berk, Union College            "The Middle East at a Crossroads"
November 8            Stephen Aninlay, President, Union College    "Challenges for Private Colleges in the Twenty-First Century.
December 13          Frank Wicks                                                     "
Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston and the 1807 Steamboat: The First Great American Invention"             
January 10              Helga Schroeder                                             "Reforms Needed in the Courts of New York State"                   
February 14            Warren Redlich                                               "Search Engine Optimization: Who's Number One?"      
March 13                Rich Alben                                                        "Globalization: Is the World Flat or Round?"                         
April 10                   Prof. Cliff Brown, Union College                     "The U.S. Political Process" (tenative title)                      

May 8                     Ricki Lewis                                                       "Self-Publishing: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been"



October  12            Carl Strock,
Schenectady Gazette                                "Don't Beleive Anything You Read"
November   9           Len Meiselman                                                              "Evolution and Intelligent Design"
December 14          Carl George                                                                     "The Saga of the Canada Geese in Collins Park"

January 11              Rabbi Matthew Cutler, Temple Gates of Heaven         "Israel : A Part of My Soul and Apart From My Soul"              
February 8              James Johnson                                                                "The Future of Solar Energy"
March 8                  Glen  McGee, Alden March Bioethics Institute           "Challenges of Universal Health Insurance"                                          
April 12                   Larry Lewis                                                                      "A World War II Story"                              

May 10                  Dr. David Liebers, Ellis Hospital Chief of Medicine    "Influenza"


October 13        Deborah Onslow ,WMHT                   "The Future of Public Broadcasting"

November 10    Dr. Timothy Tear                              "Conservation in an Urbanizing World: What Eastern New York Has to Offer the Rest of the World"
December 8     
Warren Redlich                                 "Running for Congress - What was I Thinking? "   

January 12        Thomas Constantine                         "Overseeing Police Reform in Northern Ireland"
February  9        James Kuntsler                                  "Challenges of the Post-Peak Oil World" (tentative title)
March 9             Ed Reilly                                            "75 Years of the Schenectady Torch Club "
April 13             Gene Rowland
                                  "The Automobile of the Future"
May 11             Chris Walcek / Braddock Linsley     "Global Climate Change - A Debate"   [ Guest Night


October 14       Melanie Trimble   "The Patriot Act"
November 11   Ray Gillen            "Schenectady Metroplex: Present and Future"
December 9     John Brown           "Unfinished Science"   
January 13       Manuel Aven        "Increasing Healthy Life Span"
February 10     Walter Auclair     "Where Were the Women?  -American female writers in  semantics and sociology and their lack of public recognition.
March  10        Mark Baskin        "Prospects for Democratic Stability in Iraq"           
April  14           Walt Cicha            "Rebel With a Cause: Celebrating a Century of Albret Einstein's Nonconformist Humanism"
May  12           Mark Grimm        "Media Bias: How to Spot It and What to do About It."


October            Bill Edelstein       "MRI: The Best Thing Since the X-Ray"
November       Dag Reppen        "The Northeast Electrical Grid"
December       Steven Schmidt    "Risks of public Debt"
January           Dick Westergard "Weather Forecasting: Then & Now"
February         Bill Batt               "Moral Reasoning & Social Structures:  A Cross-cultural perspective"
March             Paul Swartz          "Abundant & Cheap Energy Today, But What About Tomorrow?"
April                Clifford Brown      "Presidential Politics"
May                Russ Savage        "Psychoanalysis and Communism"


October         Thomas H. King     "The 2nd Amendment:  The individual right to keep and bear arms"
November      Larry Lewis           "Arsenic in the Environment"
December      John Knutson         "Primary Causes of Cancer - Counterintuitive Results"
January        John Delano             "Exobiology - NASA's search for the origin and distribution of life in our galaxy"
February      LeRoy Fogle              "Saving Our Youth From Gangs"
March          David Kaczynski      "Abolish the Death Penalty"
April             Gerry Hahn              "It's A Small World After All"
May             Ricki Lewis              "Issues in Embryo Research and Cloning"


October         Bill Edelstein              "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence"
November     Maxine Borom           "Charter Schools"
December     Phil Kosky                  "Conformational Protein (Mad Cow) Disease -  It Ain't All Bull"
January        Harry Ringermacher   "Prospects for Interstellar Propulsion"
February       Dick Mehan                "Why Republicans Have a Southern Accent and Democrats are Liberal"
March         Scott Ritter                  "Endgame: Solving the Iraq Problem Once and For All"
April             Mokhtar Maghraoui    "Islam in America after 9/11"
May             Warren Redlich             "Victims of the Drug War"


October       Gerald DeMauro         "Provoking the Innocent: Controversies in Testing Student Performance"
November    Paul Swartz                  "Children Raised by Wolves"
December    Ed Reilly                     "Politics & Computing: Have We Been Gored or Bushwhacked?"
January       Chris Walcek               "Global Warming, Global Warning"
February      Roger Kambour          "GE's Response to the Arab Oil Embargo of the 1970's: Light-weight Auto-Frame Composites"
March         Charles Szuberla         "Who pays for public education?"
April            John Calcagni              "Energy Deregulation: What's in store for New York State"
May            George Wise              "Slouching Toward Armageddon: Why WW I and II happened, why WW III didn't, and when WW IV might."


October        Jay Schleifer               "After Prison - The Straight Life Feels a Bit Like Heaven"
November    Warren Redlich          "Trials and Error: A Proposal for Reducing Lawsuits"
December    John Brown                  "What should we do about PCBs?"
January       Dr. Paul Lemanski      "Lifestyle affects your health and longevity. You can take control."
February      Paul Swartz                 "The Increasing Concentration of Wealth in America"
March          Ricki Lewis                  "The Promise and Uncertainty of Gene Therapy"
April             David Golibersuch       "A Long Walk North: A Personal Journey to the Geographic North Pole"
May             Manfred Jonas            "Why the End of the Cold War did not Inaugurate the Millennium"


October       Judge Michael Eidens   "Plea Bargaining of Serious Crimes - Advantages and Disadvantages"
November    Donald  White                "Hormone Therapies - A Basis for Choice"
December   Paul Swartz                   "The Economic Crisis In SE Asia - Why the Media Doesn't Get It"
January      Sabine O'Hara                 "Urban Development  -  Production Costs vs Quality of Life"
February    Ed Reilly                          "Cryptography and Privacy"
March        Gary Wilson                     "HMOs - Has Managed Care Killed Marcus Welby?"
April            Michael Marcelle            "The Changing Role of the School Superintendent"
May           Paul Drisgula                   "So-called Partial Birth Abortion"


October     Seymour Horwitz:            "Medical Decisions Revisited"
November  Margaret Schadler:         "Who Will Feed China?"
December  Paul Swartz:                     "The Party's Over."
January     Jack Hickey:                   "Whither Public Education?"
February   Bob Rohr:                        "Radiation Homesis - Is it Real?"
March       Carl George:                   "Symbols, Symbols, Everywhere. All Along My Journey they Flashed Forth."
April          Peter Stewart:                 "Invaders from Outer Space"
May          Charlotte Eyerman:        "Controversy and Contemporary Art"

1931 to 1996-1997:  See  Past Programs

   Membership Roster  The number after the name is the year in which the member joined. Unless otherwise indicated, area codes are 518.

      Phil  Adams  2007 (Jo)  Engineer

     104 Marson Avenue    Scotia, NY 12302     Home: 393-9505  E-Mail:   padams11@verizon.net

Alben 2004
(Katherine) Physicist  (RPI)  

      1705 Dorwaldt Blvd      Niskayuna, NY 12309    Home: 370-1522  E-Mail: ralben@nycap.rr.com

ahraFrederick  G. Baily   2012 (SheelaghMechanical Engineer     

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     Sheelagh H. Baily
2012 (Fred)  Mental Health Administrator

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    Charles A. Becker 2014 (Linda)  Physicist (retired from G.E. Global Research) E-mail: cbecker@nycap.rr.com
     1010 Lamplighter Rd    Niskayuna, NY 12309    Home: 393-8410

    Moses Brand  2011 (Jane )   Psychologist
    929 Northumberland Dr.
  Niskayuna, NY 12309    Home: 370-2505  E-mail: mbrand@nycap.rr.com 

     Ian Bubb  2017

     Jim Burns 2009 (Judith)  Engineer   KAPL (retired) 

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D. Eskin 2013 (Mary)    Electrical Engineer / Computer Scientist    
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     Thomas M. Freeman  2015 (Phyllis )    Educator

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    Donald A. Gavin  2011 (    )    Physicist      

    36 Mallard Dr.  Rexford, NY 12148  Home:  333-0041   E-mail:  dagavin@gmail.com

     Carl J. George  1996  (Dena) Biologist   E-mail: georgec@union.edu

     603 Wagner Road  Glenville, NY 12302    Home: 393-0629

    Fred L. Goodman(Mary Jo) 2003 Attorney  Home: 381-6847

    886 Cunningham Court Niskayuna, NY 12309  Email: goodmanf@earthlink.net


    Gerald J. Hahn2002 (Bea) Statistician   GE Global Research   [ inactive ]
     1404 Oryln Drive  Niskayuna, NY 12309  Home: 374-0713   Email: gerryhahn@yahoo.com

    Dale E. Hedman  2004 (Shirley)  Engineer (retired) 

    Dr. Roger Hoerl 2018


    Gery Jones 2003

    Douglas S. Kabat

   1068 Maryland Avenue Schenectady, NY 12308 Home: 346-8500   Email: Dale@Hedmans.org

   Gary L. Jones
2003  (Carol)    Engineer    Turner Construction    Work: 432-0277

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   Douglas S. Kabat  (Joanna) 2005  Sociologist
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   Bill MacTiernan 2017


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   Richard P. Messmer
(Beverly) 2013                     

   735 Riverview Road  Rexford,NY 12148                        Home: 399-8154    E-Mail: rpmessmer@yahoo.com

  Jenny C. Overynder 

  1033 Morgan Avenue Niskayuna, NY 12309                     Home: 372-0632     E-mail:    overbean@nycap.rr.com 

   Edwin D. Reilly, Jr. 1976 (Jean)  Physicist / Computer Scientist   State University of NY at Albany (emeritus) 

   870 Cunningham Court   Niskayuna, NY 12309      Home: 393-0950     E-mail: cybernet12309@verizon.net    
   N(orbjorn) D. ("Dag") Reppen
  2001 (Grete) Electrical Engineer  
   Home office: 393-8353

   19 Crimson Oak Drive  Niskayuna, NY 12309        Home: 374-3132      E-Mail:ndreppen@nycap.rr.com

    Harry I. Ringermacher 2000 Physicist  (Judith)    

       1054 Main Street  Delanson, NY 12053                Home: 895-2513  E-mail: ringerha@crd.ge.com

   Eugene (Gene) A. Rowland 2005 (Ellie) Engineer             
   1249 Sandra Lane Niskayuna, NY 12309                         Home: 370-1958  E-mail:erowland@nycap.rr.com

  Margaret H. Schadler 1981 (Harvey) Biologist
        Union College (emeritis)

  5 Wellington Way,  Niskayuna,  NY 12308-2515           Home: 372-5252    E-mail: mhschadler@aol


   Paul C. Sorum 
2009 Physician

   1189 Lowell Road  Schenectady,  NY 12308              Home:  374-7144    E-mail:  psorum@nycap.rr.com

  Frank B. Strauss 
2015(Paula) Dentist 

  9 Doris Dr.   Scotia, NY 12302                                  Home: 
346-7105        Email:     fbsdmd@gmail.com

Martin A. Strosberg  2016  (Sharon) Professor     

  1035 Hickory Road   Niskayuna, NY 12309                Home:  3772510     Email:   mstrosbe@clarkson.edu


  Twitty J. Styles1974 (Constance) Biologist   Union College emeritus
  54 Hemlock Drive   Clifton Park, NY 12065            Home: 371-7652
             E-mail:   Stylestj@union.edu  

   Charles Szuberla
1998  (Marianne) Architect

   902 Charles Street  Scotia, NY 12302   346-1398 E-mail: cszuberl@nycap.rr.com

  Chris Walcek
   1999    Atmospheric Scientist

  1 Verdun Street  Watervliet, NY 12189-1221   Home: 272-0318   SUNY at Albany   E-mail: walcek@asrc.albany.edu     Work: 437-8720

   Britt E. Westergard  2012  Hydrologist
58 Campus Club Drive  Guilderland, NY 12084    Home: 925-4516     E-mail: britt_westergard@hotmail.com
  Richard J. Westergard 
2004 (Heide ) 
Meteorologist,  Shade Tree Meteorology, LLC   

  2766 Rosendale Road  Niskayuna, NY 12309   Home: 374-1783  Work:  441-1034

E-mail:  dick.westergard@gmail.com


  Frank Wicks  2004 (Dawn)  Mechanical EngineerEngineer  

  1 Nicholas Avenue  Niskayuna, NY 12309    Home: 372-2783  Work: 388-6267    E-mail:  wicksf@union.edu

  Former Members   italicized if known to be deceased    1931 Charter Members and past Presidentsindicated by color
                              1942-1957, e.g., indicates membership span   [ 1972-2013 ], e.g., indicates life span     ~  = circa ("about")


Abbey, Roy E.  Educator [ -1956]
Ackley, Howard 1931 Clergyman

Adkins, Leon M.  1938-1941 Clergyman  [1896-1986]
Alexander, John  1931 Attorney / Judge
Alexander, Michael  1979-1980 Attorney
Allen, Neal   1968-1971 Historian
Albert  W. Greene 1931
Alpher, Ralph Asher 1958-2005  Physicist [1921-2007]
Amiraian, Kenneth 1981  Biochemist
Anderson, Allen E.  1996 Physicist
Anderson, John 
1999-2007 Physicist  [1924-2007]
Angevine, Oliver L. Jr.  1962-1964 Engineer [1914-2002]
, Robert W. 1931Clergyman
Atkinson, Edward A. 1931
Auclair, Walter 2004-2008
Aven, Manuel 2004-2012
Azneer, J. Leonard  1949 Rabbi


Bahram "BK" Keratmati, 2006-02015  Mechanical  Engineer
Baldwin, George C
  1949-1956, 1958 Physicist  [1905-1985]
Balmer,  Robert  2002-2004 Engineer
Bayer, A. H..
  1937-1939 Chemist
Bean, Charles P.
  1977-1996   Physicist  [1923-1996]
Bean, Elizabeth H.
1977-1987 Legislator  [1923 -1990]
Bellamy, Winthrop  Dexter
 1956 Biochemist   [1915-2009]
Benford, Frank Albert  1941-1948 Physicist  [1883-1948]  { Noted for "Benford's Law" }
Benjamin, Paul
  1946-1960, 1971  [1915 -1979]
Benzel, Earl D. 2011
Bergeron, John A.  1967 Physiologist
Bernstein, Alvin J.
1966-1988 Psychologist
Bibber, Harold Whtiney  1943 Engineer   [1899-1990 ]
Bish, Howard P.   1954-1957 Engineer      [1897-1969 ]
Blackmer, Richard  2000-2014 Engineer
Bliss, Reginald T.  1933-1938  Clergyman  [1905-2000 ]
Bloom, Bernard H.  1900-1903 Rabbi
Blowney, W. E. 1933-1951  Engineer  [1897-1972]
Bonissone, Pierro P. 2005-2012 Computer Scientist
Booth, Ralph H.  1952-1963 Clergyman  [1920-1999]  or  [1929-2003]
Boyer, Barbara C.  1981 Biologist
Boyer, John F.  1981 Biologist
Braden, George D.  1973-1976 Attorney [1914-2000 ]
Braden, Josephine T.  1973 Financial Analyst  [1919-1997 ]
Bradshaw, John A. 1976-2000  Physicist    [1919-2000 ]
Bragg, John ~1961 Physician
Branch, Garland M. 1983 Physicist [1922 -2000 ]
Briber, Robert M. 1977-2010 Educational Administrator
Brown, Alan Willard  '56 Educator
Brown, S.  Bruce  '87 Chemist
Brown, Dale H.   '70-'81 Engineer
Brown, John F  '68-2012   
Brown, C. Victor  '47 Clergyman
Brucker, Denise, '99-'00 Educator / City Councilman
Bruno, Bradford A., 2005-2006  Mechanical Engineer
Bucci, Earl M. 1965-2010 Attorney
Bucinell. Ronald B. 2004-2010 Mechanical Engineer
Buckland, Harold  W.
 '41 Clergyman  [1890-1982]
Budka, Phyllis Engineer '97
Burke, John E. 1931 Physician  AlsoPresident
Butzel, Henry M. Jr.  '62 Biologist [ 1922-1988]


Calabria, Frank M.  '86 Psychologist
Carlson, Chuck 2003-2008
Carothers, J. Edward  ~'51 Clergyman
Cassidy, Robert J. '63-'86 Physician
Cerrito, D. Vincent  Attorney 1958-1965   [1910-2008]
Chamdram, V. Ravi '96 -'97
Champ , Earle E.   '33
Champion, F. Roy 1931-1933 Publisher   [ -1933 ]
Chandran, V. Ravi 1995
Chestnut, Harold B. 1959-1965  Engineer  [1917-2001]
Christensen, Gardell Dano '60 Curator
Cicha, Walter  2004 Chemist
Clark, Leonard B.  '46-'63, '65  Biologist [1902-1986]
Clark, Charles W. '31-'66 [1886-1966]
Clayman, A. S.  '53  Attorney
Clements, Robert  F.  '98 Engineer
Clowe,  G. Marcellus  '31 Physician  [1889-1968]
Coffin, Louis F.  '87 Engineer  [1918-2008]
Coffin, Mary Elizabeth  '73 Attorney  [1920-2014]
Cohen, Ernest A.R. 1931 Attorney
Cohen, Joseph T.  '83-'84 Attorney
Cohen, Leonard D.  '59 Physicist
Cohn, Morris Mandel  '41 Engineer  [1898-1975]
Cohn, Morris Marshall '51 Attorney (D.A. & Judge ) [1903-2002]
Cole, George H.  '70-'71 Curatorr
Collie, Roy M. '31 Physician
Comfort,  James T.  '67
Compton, Horace B.
  1959-1963 Engineer  [1893-1972]
Conners, Ronald M.   '65 Educator
Cook, Kathleen  '74  Educator
Cook, Leslie G. 1960 Physical Chemist  [1914-1999]
Cook, Newell  1965Chemist  [1916-2002 ]
Cooper, Bernard R.  1974-1976 Physicist
Cooper, James C. 1931 Attorney
Coplon, Harry G. 1931 Attorney  [1894-1967]
Corey, Albert B.  [  -1963]
Cornell, J.H.  Physician  1946  [?-1955 ]
Cravener, E .K.  1937-1940  Physician
Crihfield, Brevard E.   1944 Scientist [1916-1987]
Cummins, Earl Everett  ~1935 [1896-1938]


Danton, George H.   1941 Educator  [1900-1966]
Davis, Wayne 2004-2015 Attorney
Day, Frank Parker 1931 Educator  ( President of Union College 1929-1933 ) [1881-1950]  See www.cbc.ca/canadareads/author/frankparkerday.html
Davidson, John C.   1931 Engineer   Also President  [1905-1995]
De Blois, Ralph W.  1986-2015 Physicist  [1922-2015]Delano, John  2002-2006   Geochemist
De Simone, Dominick (1976-2017) Educational Consultant
Dewey, A. Gordon 1931 Political Scientist
Diamond, Alexander 1946-1978 Attorney  [1904-1980 ]
Dickinson, T.M.  1967 Engineer
Dickson, Eric  Attorney  1991
Dietrich, Neff  T.  1924-1990 Engineer  [1920-2016]
Di Lallo, Chester A. 1984 Educator
Dow, Hamilton H.   1957 Engineer
Driscoll, Daniel A.  1973 Engineer
Dunlap, Maude Harnden  2000 -2006 Business Consultant  [1926-2013]
Dunn, James R.  1971-1972 Educator 

Eddy, Robert Miles  1970-1971Clergyman
Edelstein, William A. 1991-2007 Physicist  [1945-2014 ]
Eldred, Lewis   1958-1966 Mathematician [1886 -1966]
Eldredge, Bruce 1979-1982 Curator
Enslow, H.R.  1931  Political Scientist
Ettington, Martin ~1955 Engineer


Farnsworth, Audrey  Educator
Fay, Albert S. 1931 Physician

Featherstonhaugh, Duane 1952
Federighi, Francis  Physicist / Computer Scientist 1977-1997  [1931-1997]
Feibes, Werner Louis  1976 Architect 17 N. Ferry St. Schenectady, NY 12305
Feiner, Frank  1993-2012   Physicist  [1928-2014]
Fink, Aaron  1959 Educator
Fisher, Eric C.  1963-1965, 1976
Fisher, Weller J.  1943-1980 Dentist [ 1910-2003 ]
Flanery, Gail 2005-2007 Educator
Ford, F. Peter  2007-2008  Engineer
Fortoloczki, Kalman J. 1984 Administrator
Fox, Dixon Ryan  1936-1939  Educator  (Union College President 1934-1945 )  [1887-1945]
Freedman, A.B.  1950 Dentist
Friedgut, Harry  1965-1966 Sociologist  [1900-1975]
Friedman, Harold A.  1983 Attorney   [1917-2001 ]


Galvez, Matthew J. 1977- 2012 Metallurgist
Giedraitis, Robert B.  '77 Accountant
Gilbert, Alfred E. '35-'53 Educator
Gilmartin, Howard G. 1931-1932 Physician  [1886-1965 ]
Gino, Colleen '03-'04  Astronomer
Godshall, W. Leon   1931 Political Scientist  [1910-1998 ]
Gold, William J.   1916-1965 Clergyman  [1916 -1991]
Goldhoff, Robert  1970-191 Metallurgist  [1920-1978]
Golibersuch, David 1999-2011
Condon, Liam 2014-2015
Goodheart, Clarence Francis '64 Electrical Engineer [1916-2006]
Gratidge, Walter 2012-2014  Scientist
Gray, B. Murray  2011 Educator
Green, Ben A. Physicist / Software Engineer  2000-2003
Green, Harold H. Jr.  1985 Attorney
Greene, Albert W. 1931
Gregg, Harry V.  1939 Dentist
Gross, Walter S. 1948 Dentist  [1900-1978]
Grussner, Albert 1939 Physician
Gussin, Arnold E. S. 1985-1988 Educator


Haines, Gerald L.  1959-1984 Physician
Hall, Albert H.  1931
Hall, Russell A.  1931 Engineer  [1896-1969]
Haller, Theodore H.  2002-02007 Engineer
Ham, Frank S'72 Physicist  [1928-2002]
Hanbridge, W. F. '39 Engineer
Handel, Harvey  '58  Educator
Harrell, Clarrence A. 1937-1942  [1924-2002]
Harrington, Charles  1987-1988 Meteorologist
Hawley, John K. 2007-2008
Heidenthal, Gertrude  1981 Biologist  [ 1908-1993 ]
Heller, Mark  2003-2004 Physician
Henderson, Loran A. 1965-1971 Chemist [1898-1980]
Henry, George E.  1951-1963 Engineer
Hickey, Jack 1968, 1998  Educator
Hightower, E. Kermitt  1951-1958  Attorney
Hillig, William B.  1963 Chemist
Hinchey, C. E.  Educator
Hoagland, Robert S.  ~1943~1955 Clergyman  [1905-1993]
Hoffman, Elmer O.
  1931 EducatorAlso President   [1903 -1976]
Hoffman, Thomas Ripton
  ~1961 Engineer  [1923-2002]
Hoft, Richard G.  1959-1963 Engineer
Hoge, Leo J.   1981-1985 Physician
Horton, John Stephen, 1994
, Seymour A.
 1958-2004  Physician

Howe, Lee A. Jr.
  '59 Clergyman  [1885 -1964]
Howland, Charles A.
  1931 Physician
Hull, Edwin H.
  '59-'64 Engineer  [1902-1964]
Hurwitz, Henry  Physicist
~1963  [1918-1992 ]


Isabella, Thomas    2010-2012  Business Developer


Jameson, S. F.  1943 Educator
Jennes, Frank A.  1972 Engineer
Johnson, Burges  1937-1942  Educator  [1889 -1962 ]
Jonas, Manfred    1982-2008  Historian [4/9/1927-8/25/2013]
Jones, Richard 2002-2012 Engineer
Jones, H. Stanley  1931 Clergyman 
Jones, Stanley Leslie 1961-2006 Chemist[1919-2011]
Joslin, David B. 1964-1965  Clergyman


Kahn, Ernest H.  2007-2015 [1932-2015]
Kambour, Roger P.  1999 - 1904
 Chemist [1932-2008]
Kankam, Mark David  1986-1989 Engineer
Kaplan, David G.   1982 Dentist
Kaplan, Ilene M.  1982 Educator
Karowe, Marjorie E.  2015 02016  Attorney
Karp, Harrison  1958-1983 Physician  [1916-1991]
Keeler, Howard   1952 Sociologist
Kellert, Ellis  1931 Physician  Also President  [1886 -1968]
Kelley, Kenneth G.  1935-1940  Musician
Kent, Peter E.  1992-2014
Kimura, Shiro 2007-2012 ("Gene")  Chemical Engineer
King, Eric Roy  1956-1965 Clergyman
King, MacDonald  1933-1966 Attorney  [1901-1966]
Kirwan, William E. 1943-1960 Chemist / Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) ! [1894-1969 ]
Klein, Anthony J.  1968 Dentist
Knapp, Malcolm R.  1976 Engineer
Kochenour, Robert W.
  1962-1964 Educator  [1923-1996]
Koenig, Robert F. 1984 Engineer
Kosky, Mary 2005-2007 Educator
Kosky, Philip G.1986-2007 Chemical Engineer
Kozick, Gary B.2003-2006  Sociologist
Krempa, John  S. Educator  1965  [1926-2006]
Krueger, Ralph F.  1931 Dentist [1888-1970]


<>Lakshminarsu, P.M.  Engineer  (a.k.a. Narsu)
Lambert, Francis L. 1965 (Sangvon) Biologist        [1923 -2001 ]
Lancione, Antonio Physician  ?-1973
Langsam, Walter Consuelo Historian                  [1906-1985]
Langworthy, Harry W. Jr.1948  Educator           [1908-1997]
La Rocco, Alexander T.  1982-2009  Educator   [1928-2009]
Laufer, William  1959-1962 Physician
LeBaron, Walter A.
  1941 Educator  [1902-1967]
LeBoeuf, Maurice Bernard
  1976 Chemist              [1920-2002 ]
Letai, John  1965-1966 Attorney / Sociologist
Levine, Howard A.  '73 Attorney
Levoy, Louis G.  1946 Engineer
Lewis, Harry E.
  1943 Engineer
Lewis, Larry  1999-2015 Chemist
Lewis, Ricki  1999-2015  Biologist
Ligon, Ernest Mayfield  '31 Educator  [1897-1984]
Liimatainen, (Toivo) Matthew
'73-'04 Electronics Engineeer  [1911-2005]
Lingeman, Elisabeth  '81 -'83 Educator
Linton, Harry  '35 Educator  [1895-1954 ]  [ Linton High was named for him]
Linville, Thomas M.  '46Engineer  [1904-1992]
Lorenz, John G. '44
Lowe, Alfred H. Jr.  '87
Lu,  Sung-Nien '73Physician
Luger, Milton
L.? '68-'71 Educator [1924-2001]


MacLaury, Michael R. 2006  Chemist
Main, Walter H.  1931 Journalist
ebranche, Roger 1969 Physician
Mallia, William M.  1931 Physician
Maras, Joseph '69-'71 Engineer
Marcelle, Michael J. '97-'01 Educator
Marcus, George A.  '66-'67  Attorney  [1893-1967]
Margolis, Natalie  '98  Educator
Marshall, A. Lincoln  '38-'72 Engineer
Martin, Miles J. Physicist'58-'66  [1897-1988 ]
Martin, William Butler Jr. '76-'88 Chemist
Marvin, Charles L.  '41-'57 Accountant  [1885-1971]
Masarro, Joseph F.  '65 Sociologist
Mauet, Rudolf B.  '60 Physician
  [1912-1996 ]
Maxon, Arthur L.  '36-'38   Educator  [1909-2000]
McAllister, John F. Jr.  Engineer
McGauley, Fred F.  1931 Physician
McInerney, Thomas F. Jr.  '76-'78 Attorney
McLane, Edwin D. ~'57-'59  Clergyman
Meenan, Peter 2000-2014
Mehan, Richard L. 1990-2011 Metallurgist [1928-2011]
Meers, William J. 1998-2012 Graphic Artist
Meigher, Stephen C.  '48 Physician
Meiselman, Leonard  2005-2008 Radiologist
Merrill, Harvey B. Jr.  '62-'63 Chemist
Michael, L.S.
Miller, Hugh  1931 Engineer  Also President
Miller, Thomas '31 Clergyman

Mitronovas, Walter  1985 Seismologist
  Modrey, Joseph  '64-'65 Mechanical Engineer
Monaco, Joseph
   '65 Sociologist  [1912 -1972]
Mondragon, Ms. Fe ("Fay") '93 Physician
Moody, LeRoy S.  '73 Chemist
Moot, Richmond D.
  1931 Attorney
Moss, James A.  '59 Sociologist
Mowbray, Donald F.  2007-2012  Engineer
Mundy, Joseph  -'92 Computer Scientist
Munson, Ronald A.  '61 Chemist
Murphy, Harriet D.  '73 Biologist
Murphy, William M.  '56 Educator
Mutch, Thomas S.
   '35 Clergyman [1900-1992]


Narsu. SeeLakshminarsu, P.M.
Navias, Louis '37-'90 Chemist [1897-1990 ]  (Long time Torch Archivist )
Nevius, Peter Ten Eyck '71 Engineer[1920-2012]
Neisuler, Efrem B.  '53 Engineer[1906-1976 ]
Nelson, Wendell M'39-'55  [1915-2009]
Nemser, Rudolf  '79-'83 Clergyman  [1928-2002]
Nerad, Anthony J. '60 Engineer    [1900-1979]
Nixon, James I.  '65 Engineer  [1901-1982]
Norris, R(ollin) Hosmer  '56-'98 Engineer   ( Long time Torch Treasurer )  [1906-1998]


Ogonowski, Thaddeus Y. '43 Attorney  [1901-1987]
Oliver, David  W. '99 Physicist
Overeynder, Jenny C. '97
Oldman, John Jr.  '62-'63 Clergyman
Ozarow, Vernon '90  [1920-1997]


Park, Louis L. 1931 Manager [ALCO]  Also President
Pashayan, Nishan A. 1938  Physician  [ 1875-1949]
Perkins, Gerald N.  1931-1959 Auditor Also President  [1891-1974]
Perrino, Anthony R.  1967 Clergyman
Perry, Norman W.  1960 Engineer  [1911-1992]
Peters, Philip H. 1993-1997 Engineer
Pfeiffer, Heinz G. 1960-1971 Chemist         [1916-1970]
Pillsbury, W. Howard  1931 Educator Also President  [1891-1982]
Pitzer, Edgar C.  1974-1983 Chemist  [1905-2002]
Plant, Jeremy F.  1977 Educator
Plumley, Harold J. 1975-1983 Physicist   [1912-1990]
Podoloff, Samuel 1953-1964  Dentist      [1904-1985]
Poersch, Mathias P.  1931 Attorney      [1897-1986]
Pollock, Herbert C.  1946 Physicist       [1913-2000]
Potter, Clayton J.  1935-1938  Clergyman
Powell, Louie J. Jr.  1974-1980 Engineer
Premerlani, William J. 2008-2012 Computer Scientist
Pulling, R. J.  Educator
Putnam, Stanley R.  '55-'56 Administrator / Military Officer  [1911-1972] 


 Queern, John B.  1931 Dentist [1897-1988]


Race, Hubert H.  1940 Engineer  [1899-1987]
Rahavy, Shahab 1955 Physician   [1909-2001]
Rappaport, Raymond Jr.  1963-1973 Biologist
Ravi, Chandran V.  Pharmacist
Redlich, Warren  1997-2010
Regula, Donald P.  1963-1970 Physician
Reichenthal, Harold F.  1976 Financial Analyst
Rekart, Theodore E.  1979 Engineer
Riedel, James ("Jay"), 1963-2006 Political Scientist  [? - 2006]
Riedel, Robert A. 1985-1986; 2000-2006  Air Traffic Controller
Robinson, Theodore P. 2005-2006 Attorney      
Rochlin, Robert S. 1956 Physicist
Rohr, Alice M.  1949 Psychologist
Rohr, Robert C. 1958-2012 [1922-2012]
Rojansky, VladimirBorisovich 1935 Physicist  [1900-1981]
Rosell, Alan S. 1981-1986 Dentist
Rosen, Jerome  1931 Rabbi AlsoPresident  [1887-1978]
Roth, Laura  1974-1983 Physicist    
Roth, Willard D. 1968-1983 Biologist 
Rouvina, James  1957-1962 Physicist  [1921-2000]
Ruvel, Michael  1974 Sociologist [1932-1996]
Ryder, John M. 1931


Sager, Virgil J.  1958 Physician  [1913-1974]
Salvo, Jill  1997 Biologist 
Salvo, Joseph  1997 Scientist
Samorini, A. A.  1931 Physician
Savage, William R. "Russ"   2001-2004 Minister 
Sayers, Derek M.  Anesthesiologist 1961-1994   [1921-2004]
Schadler, Harvey W. 1985-2014 [1931-2014]
Schein, Donald E. 1968-1988 Educator / TV Manager  [1920-1998 ]
Schick, Keneth, 1988-2015
Schmidt, Harold R. 1975 -1983 Chemist
Schmidt, Karl M.  ~1955 Political Scientist  [1893-1989]
Schmitt, James D. J-1979 Architect  [1926-2013]
Schut, Harold J. 1970  Clergyman  [1913-2000]
Schwarz, Theodore George III  1987 Computer Scientist  [1923-1987]
Schoenberg, Theodore,  2008  Mechanical Engineer [1929-2009]
Schoonmaker, Lisa  1992 Attorney
Scott, Jesse M. W.  1931-1960 Physician AlsoPresident  [1909-1960]
Sidor, Reinhard  1980-1997 Industrial Hygienist
Silverman, S. Robert  1951-1961 Attorney
Simons, Edward L.  1965 Chemist [1921-2003]
Singleton, Irving R. 1931
Slap, Charles S.  1985-1990 Clergyman  [1933-1992]
Smith, George W. 1982 Biologist
Smith, Louise  -1993 Attorney
Smoluchowski, Roman  1944 Physicist [1910-1996]
Snitkoff, Gail G.  1982 Biologist
Snow, Robert H.  1950-1960 Educator
Souder, Rexford S. 1965-1971 Educator
Spaine, George W.  1931 Educator
Spang, Austin H. III  1965 Engineer
Spool, James  Attorney  1973-1976
Sprung, Murray M. 1955-1970 Chemist  [1903-1995]
Stanton, E. MacDonald  1931 Physician   Also President [1880-1959]
Stauffer, Donald B. 2005-2015  Educator
Starkey, Frank. 1985-1997 Chemist
Starrett, Oscar G.  1951-1953 Clergyman  [1890-1966]
Stauffer, Lynn H.  1964 Physicist   [1906-1999]
Stehn, John R.  1959-1960 Physicist    [1909-1972]
Stewart, Peter John
1981-2005 Engineer
Stewart, Susan
Stiles, William W.  1934 Educator   [1897-1968]
Starkey, Frank 1985-1997, 2013-2014
Stokley, James  1942-1956 Journalist  [1900-1989]
Stone, Donald B. 1931  [1899-1991]
Strong, Herbert M. Physicist 1981 [1909-2002]
Strosberg, James M. Physician 1993-1997
Swartz, Paul S. 1994-2012
[1934 -2012]


Taddune, Paul J.  1978-1979 Attorney
Taylor, John Bellamy  Physicist 1936-1963 [ -1963 ]
Taylor, Oscar C.  1942 Chemist & Clergyman  [1912-1994]
Thielpape, Theodore H.  1965 Clergyman  [1902-1973]
Tischler, Louis P. 1948 -1972 Physician[ 1908-1994 ]
Tonks, Lewi  1962-1966 Physicist  [1916-1987]
Traenkle, Herbert L.  1940 Physician  [1905-1975]
Treat, Richard L.  1964-1966 Publisher  [1919-1996]
Treder, William C.  1937 Physician


Van Auken, Robert A.  1950 Educator  [1918-1985]
Van Cott, Harrison  ~1950  [1900-1970]
Van der Bogert, Giles   1946 Architect
Vander Grinten, Willem 1965-1981  Physical Chemist
Vlahides, George 1964-?, 1993-2006 Physician   [1924-2006]
Vosburg, Beverly L.
  1936 Physician [1897-1980]

Walker, Michael S. 2005-2006  Metallurgist
Walsh, George W. 1970-1979 Electrical Engineer
Warner, Alfred R. 
  1931 Physician  [1879-1981]
Webster, Harold F. 1984-2011 Physicist
Weingarten, Samuel 1948Sociologist
Weinrich, Ernest F.
1948  Educator   [1905-1967]
Weinrich, John E
.  ~1962 Economist    [1923-1997]
,Simon 1994-1904  Physicist

Wemple, William W.
  1931 Attorney / D.A. [1908-1994]
Wentorf, Robert H.
  1964-1966, -'96  Chemist  [1926-1997]
Wilson, Edwin H. 
1941 Clergyman  [1898-1993]
Winne, William T.
1950 Botanist [1913-1998]
Wise, Aaron M. 
1945 Rabbi [1913-1999]
Wise, George 1982-2006  Science Historian
Worthy, Evans A. 1931 Clergyman


Yeater, Max Laverne '54-'57 Physicist  [1917-2014]
York, James J.  1941 Physician 


Zemany, Paul  1981 Chemist
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Presidents since inception

1931-32            Hugh Miller
1932-33            W. Howard Pillsbury
1933-34            Jerome Rosen
1934-35            E. MacDonald Stanton
1935-36            Louis L. Park
1936-37            Gerald N. Perkins
1937-38            John C. Davidson
1938-39            Elmer O. Hoffman
1939-40            W. E. Blowney  
1940-41            John E.  Burke
1941-42            Ellis Kellert
1942-43            Harry J. Linton
1943-44            Burgess Johnson
1944-45            Jesse M.W. Scott
1945-46            Louis Navias
1946-47            Nishan A. Pashayan
1947-48            Harold W. Bibber
1948-49            Beverly L. Vosburgh
1949-50            Alfred E. Gilbert
1950-51            Robert S. Hoagland
1951-52            A.L. Marshall
1952-53            William E. Kirwan
1953-54            Leonard B. Clark
1954-55            Louis P. Tischler
1955-56            James Stokley
1956-57            Alexander Diamond
1957-58            Robert H. Snow
1958-59            Miles J. Martin
1959-60            Herbert C. Pollock
1960-61            George C. Baldwin
1961-62            Walter S. Gross
1962-63            Weller J. Fisher
1963-64            Murray M. Sprung
1964-65            Edwin H. Hull / Ralph A. Alpher
1965-66            Efrem B. Neisuler
1966-67            Heinz G. Pfeiffer
1967-68            Shahab Rahavy
1968-69            Derek M. Sayers
1969-70            Robert Rohr
1970-71            W. Dexter Bellamy
1971-72            Alvin J. Bernstein
1972-73            Theodore H. Thielpape
1973-74            Henry M. Butzel Jr.
1974-75            Norman W. Perry /  Earl Bucci
1975-76            Earl M. Bucci
1976-77            Newell C. Cook
1977-78            James A. Riedel
1978-79            George D. Braden
1977-80            Alice M. Rohr
1980-81            Edwin D. Reilly, Jr.
1981-82            Twitty J. Styles
1982-83            Laura M. Roth
1983-84            Dominick A. DeSimone
1984-85            John F. Brown, Jr.
1985-86            Neff  T. Dietrich
1986-87            William B. Martin, Jr. / George W. Smith
1987-88            Peter T. E. Nevius
1988-89            Robert H. Wentorf, Jr.
1989-90            Peter J. Stewart
1990-91            Manfred Jonas
1991-92            George W. Smith
1992-93            Kenneth L. Schick
1993-94            Philip G. Kosky
1994-95            William A. Edelstein
1995-96            Reinhard Sidor
1996-97            Robert Briber
1997-98            Peter E. Kent
1998-99            Maxine Borom
1999-2000        Frank Feiner
2000-2001        Dick Mehan
2001-2002        Paul S. Swartz
 2002-2003       Charles Szuberla
 2003-2004       Warren Redlich
2004-2005        James B. Comly
2005-2006        Chris Walcek
2006-2007        Peter Meenan
2007-2008        David Golibersuch
2008-2009        Ricki Lewis
2009-2010        Gene Rowland
2010-2011        Donald Stauffer
2011-2012        Richard Alben
2012-2013        BK Keramati
        Douglas Kabat
2014-2016        Susan Stewart
2016-2017        Britt Westergard
       Fred Goodman

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